On a day packed with meetings, administrative work, and the small possibility that I’ll be leaving the country in the next 24 hours for a family emergency, this morning’s run was going to be the stress-free portion of an otherwise stressful day. I had planned to get in about 13 to 15 kilometers but, in the end, decided to run slightly more as I was feeling good and it was an easy way to avoid the traffic of the city center.

For some strange reason I had listened to all of the podcasts in my cue and nothing new had come down overnight, either. Not dismayed, I loaded up the iPod with a couple of episodes of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue (aka ISIHAC) and hit the streets to knock over a nice, mid-distance run before breakfast.


The route I had mapped out in my mind was a mix of a couple of sections of riverside path I enjoy running. First off, I headed down to Mulatiere and took the turn over the bridge and around the bottom of the museum before crossing over the bridge to the left bank of the Rhone river. The way down was fairly uneventful, though some of the trees next to the path could do with pruning so as I am not forced to run on the road for a few stretches where the path, at least for someone my height, is largely unrunnable.

Heading back up the Rhone, I was surrounded by runners, or at least encountering them more regularly, as well as a bunch of cyclists on their way to work. It was rather busy and, as I passed by the cruise ships docked in port, I could see dozens of excited elderly people getting ready to make the most of what is looking to be a very nice day, indeed. I continued up the Rhone before crossing over the Pont de Lattre and entering the tunnel beneath Croix Rousse.

I think I was the only runner heading my way, or at least I didn’t see any other runners in the tunnel, but there were a bunch of people transiting the tunnel on bikes which, I suppose, is exactly what it is there for. The tunnel is always a little cooler than the air on either side and I enjoyed the brief respite from the heat that was already being turned up from the sun. Out the other side, I dropped onto the path next to the Soane, made my way downriver towards home, and clicked stop on the Garmin at the foot of the courthouse footbridge. Just over 16km banked and now it is time for a strong, sweet coffee.

Distance: 16.3km

Elevation: 94m

Strava: 1:18:54


Image from Wikipedia.

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