A week after the 100km de la Somme and it’s time for an injury update.

I wrote a few days back about the pain I had in my left foot and the tendons around my foot. I didn’t remember turning the foot or putting any strange pressure on it during the race but, by the end, it was terribly swollen and hurt to put pressure on when I walked.

I did spend a couple of days icing the injury morning and night and doing my best to stay off the foot. I certainly didn’t entertain going for a run but I also tried to avoid taking stairs and walking all that much during the day, too. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I was away in Paris for work and spent a lot of time on my feet moving around events and around the city itself. This put some extra stress on my foot and the dress shoes I was wearing didn’t help all that much either.

Through the weekend, though, things seemed to be better. While I could still feel some pain and didn’t want to stress the foot all that much, the time off my feet (as much as it was, anyway) seemed to have worked. I could feel the tendons getting their strength back and the pain was noticeable but slight.

By Sunday afternoon when I took Jamie to the park to play soccer, the pain was still there but I could move on my foot without an issue. I ran a little chasing the ball, kicked off both feet, and didn’t feel any of the post-use pain that I had earlier in the week.

I’m concluding, then, that whatever damage was done was not serious, was only temporary, and only required a little rest. I’ll likely stay off the foot a couple more days and perhaps try and fit in a run on Wednesday night with the Lyon Running Club, or even hold out for the weekend when I can start getting back into things again.

The Saintelyon is about 46 days away so I have time to rest another week or so if I need it before starting up the training again. When I do start, I’ll be trying to carry my fitness forward once again and get in some hills, too, in preparation for the midnight trail race.

And with luck I’ll be doing it on an ankle and foot that is ready to rock the 72km of night running that gets me from Saint Etienne to Lyon.

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