The soreness that I felt on yesterday’s short effort has got worse and I’m officially injured.

After the run yesterday things remained sore and walking, even hours later at lunch, was a pain. I took some painkillers, and some ibuprofen to help with the swelling, but the pain remained. By the time I was collecting Jamie from school in the late afternoon, the pain was constant and not at all enjoyable.

I got home, rested, and iced the lower leg for an hour or so. It helped that I could just rest on the couch and that I didn’t have a whole lot going on. Running, of course, was out of the question, and the focus remained on seeing what could be done to ease the pain.

This morning the pain has lessened, most likely thanks to the ice, elevation, and subsequent 7 hours rest the leg had during the night. However, even walking from the bed to the lounge room was not painless so it’s pretty clear that there is something going on. I’ll have to be careful with the leg today, and if the pain is still there on Wednesday I think I’ll be calling around to find myself a doctor.

All of this is more than a little annoying. I have spent months building up mileage slowly, pushing myself but never really overloading myself, and nursing the small aches and pains that sometimes emerged to ensure that I got through the training blocks. Now, though, I have been knocked off even a light week of training by an injury that has come out of nowhere and it’s driving me nuts.

And so the day has begun like the one before it ended: a sore lower right leg, trouble to walk without pain, and a busy day of work and family commitments to get through before I can rest again. Goddamn I hate being injured.

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