The third day back from injury and a new work week. The goal this morning was to get out, get running, put in a few extra kilometers compared to yesterday, and not get injured. It’s essentially the same goal as yesterday, and it will likely be the same goal tomorrow. Indeed, I think that until I get up to the 15km mark without being injured again, I’ll be running with the same goal.

But that’s not a bad thing, especially on a fresh summer morning like today.


I set out along the Soane again and followed that same pathway upriver in the direction of Vaise. The wind, like yesterday, was light but blowing against my face which made for a cool start and, ironically, a nice way to warm up.

As I wanted to throw in a couple more kilometers compared to yesterday I thought I would save my turn around until I was a couple more bridges up the river. I chose to head over the Pont Schuman as it was the last bridge before a long straightaway to the Isle Barbe – and that was going to be a challenge for a day maybe a little later in the week.

Heading back downriver, I smoothly dodged a couple of groups still celebrating France’s big win in Euro 2016 the night before against Iceland. Though I was happy to see the local team win, I was also kinda hoping that the underdog Icelanders would get up. Oh well, maybe next tournament?

Yesterday I finished off by turning across the Pont Bonaparte and then heading for home. Today I decided to push it just a couple of hundred meters further before making the turn across the footbridge between St Georges and the Synagogue. This allowed me to cut through Rue Victor Hugo, pass around the Fan Zone at Bellecour, and hit the Rue du President Edouard Herriot to close it out at the Place du Jacobins.

No injury, feeling good, and a nice steady pace, too – it looks like the Fourth of July is a good day for me as well as the people across the pond.

Distance: 8.7km

Elevation: 83m

Time: 41:15


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