OK, I’ll admit it: my legs are tired.

With almost 100K banked in the last three days and with the new No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG) diet kicking in, I felt tired from the start. My legs hurt a little in the first couple of kilometers as I pushed up and along the Saone towards Valmy and the turn towards the Mont D’Or. I knew there would be worse to come, though, as the hill up to Champagne is not steep but still unforgivingly long.

The hill itself was manageable and though my legs were hurting I kept pushing on. I did look forward to the couple of road crossings where I got to pause for a few seconds and catch my breath in the cold air – and it was cold. Indeed, the further I climbed up and out of Champagne and towards Limonest the denser the fog cloaking the hills became.

When I got to Limonest I turned towards Saint Didier and started along the route to the other side of the Mont D’Or. On a normal day this is runnable but, with the fog and the lack of sidewalk, it was a little dodgy. I took my time and avoided the traffic that swept around the curves in the fog. I stopped to snap a couple of photos of the icicles hanging off the trees and the fences near the top, and then ran the downhills back to Vaise and the Saone again.

Reaching the river, I paused for a second to snap another photo of the river shrouded in fog and sent off a text to Cecile to let her know I would be home soon. With the podcast I was listening to finishing up, I switched to MGMT and The Bloodhound Gang for the final few kilometers and held a nice steady – but not too fast – pace for the final stretch along the river.

With the run over I have banked 120km in just four days and have two more days in the week still to run. With my current PB for a week of running at 126km it’ll almost certainly be a record week in terms of mileage for me. While I won’t be able to hit the 3000K mark I set for myself at the start of the year (that would require a 95K run tomorrow!) I might be able to pull off a 100 mile (160K) training week if I knock over another 40 kilometers in the next two days.

Possible? Sure, I think I have a shot. Now let’s see how the legs feel tomorrow…

Distance: 23.2km

Elevation: 302m

Time: 2:14:26


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