I enjoy listening to podcasts when I am running and, this morning, I had a new episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to get through. The problem, though, was that this was about 40 minutes long and my run this morning was going to be about 15K or something out around an hour and a quarter. Hence, when the interview show was done, I clicked through the iPod Shuffle to an audiobook I have listened to a bunch of times but that still never gets old: I, Partridge.

If you don’t know the character Alan Partridge, well, I don’t know what to tell you. The radio series was great, the TV series even better, and the audiobooks (I have both I, Partridge and Nomad) are perfect. Having Steve Coogan read the audiobooks in character is what makes them especially fun, and I was smiling to myself as I made the trip back down from the top of the Foie Verte.

The run this morning wasn’t the most creative route. Essentially I headed up from Jacobins via the Place des Terreaux to Croix Rousse, followed the metro line past Henon to Cuire, and the jumped on the Voie Verte and following it all the way to the end. Indeed, I actually overshot the end of the Voie Verte so as to turn around just after the 7.5K mark and ensure that I finished the run with a clear 15K in the bank.

Heading back down to Lyon, I followed the same path, avoiding the puddles on the trail, and waving to the other runners out getting their morning workout in. Did I get a wave back? Not a one on the trail, though another runner with a headlamp of his own returned the greeting as I crossed the boulevard before the final descent on the Grande Cote. Maybe 5:30am is not the time of day that everyone feels like being friendly?

When I closed out the run with the 15K completed I had clocked up a bit more than 55K for the week so far. The morning and evening run sessions have been helping bump the total distance up, and I’ll drop in another 5K this evening running home from the office to a nice hot shower, and a hot dinner, too. It’s nice to be able to get this distance and time on my feet in while I am alone so that I have a little more time for the family on the weekend; training for ultramarathons is never the easiest thing to fit into an already choc-a-block day.

Distance: 15.1km

Elevation: 122m

Time: 1:16:35


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