It’s damn hot in Lyon today.

As I type this the mercury has topped 32°C and is still climbing. It was 28°C at 11am when Jamie and I made our way to Miribel to cool off in the lake there, and it has only climbed higher still. I think we’ll probably get close to 34°C or 35°C by the end of the day and so, intelligently, we are spending the hottest part of the afternoon hanging out in the lounge room avoiding the sun.

Back in Australia, to be sure, 30°C days are a little more common. But this doesn’t mean it is any less hot and, ten years after I arrived in France, I am well and truly acclimatized to the seasons in the northern hemisphere. I’m not longer enjoying summers where it is 30°C or hotter for months on end. Instead, the odd week of 30°C temperatures drives the entire town nuts and sees sleep suffer as you try not to sweat too much before you fall asleep.

Of course, when it is hot you have to think about the liquids you are taking on to keep hydrated. For Jamie and I it is pretty easy and water does the trick. But even now – some six hours before the kick-off in the Euro 2016 final – there are already hundreds, even thousands of people crowding into the downtown area drinking their weight in beer. This should ensure that they are both hydrated and happy by the time the match rolls around – and no doubt the drinking will continue well into the night if France manages to defeat Portugal as much of the world imagines they might.

Jamie and I, though, will be happy to stick to cold water, a little soft drink to break things up, and maybe a little bit of non-alcoholic champagne to toast the French team if they manage to take the win.

Allez le bleus!

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