CĂ©cile is away again today so there was no way to get out for a morning run. Indeed, as she won’t be back before late tonight there’s little chance of an evening run, either. Hence, my sole option for getting out and getting the run in today was lunchtime. After yesterday’s somewhat ad hoc run home to grab Jamie’s metro card, I decided that a quick return home at lunch, a shower, and then returning to work for the afternoon might just be something I could try again. It would save bringing a lot of gear into work and as long as I didn’t lollygag too much, I should be able to get in an hour of running, a quick wash, and a return to work without too much trouble.

I set out from work just after 12 noon cutting between ENS and the Halle Tony Garnier. A left turn, drop down onto the berges alongside the Rhone, and then full steam ahead. Well, steady steam ahead, I should say. I wasn’t pushing super hard and, while I couldn’t forget the pressure of time for getting back to work, I could keep pushing forward and enjoying the fresh (if freezing cold) air.

I kept moving along the Rhone passing all of the bridges until I arrived at the footbridge at the Cite International. I skipped up the stairs, dropped down the other side, and then turned for the city center. The wind was at my back for this final push towards Jacobins and I enjoyed the singletrack trail along the right bank of the river. The Nike Terra Kigers are great for mixed trails like this, handling the rock, the soil, and the grassy trail with ease.

I pushed on, crossed under the Croix Rousse tunnel, and then pushed along the bottom of the Pentes, across Terreaux, and then down to Jacobins to finish things off. Click stop on the Garmin, punch in the door code, upstairs to the shower, and then back to work…but what about the speed?

After nearly a month of No Sugar No Grain (NSNG) my speed is back!

Check the splits:


Considering I was depleted of all energy a couple of days into the NSNG regime, I’m happy to be pulling sub-5:00 splits consistently now – and the only splits above that line are where I either stoped to take a photo (8K) or had to stop for traffic (10K and 12K).

Feeling good!

Distance: 11.5km

Elevation: 43m

Time: 55:10


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