I was up early this morning to get the first of the week’s runs out of the way before the day got too far underway. I have a pretty busy week at work planned as well as a full week of training so I didn’t want to mess around too much this morning or leave it too late to get started. Hence, the alarm went off and I was out of the door and clicking start on the Garmin just twenty minutes later.

The goal of the day was a nice, steady 5:00 pace tempo run for about 10 kilometers. I probably could have slowed down a touch and gone longer but I’ll have a chance to do that later in the week and on the weekend. Today was about starting the week off right, running on legs that were still a little tired from yesterday’s reasonably hard tempo effort, and continuing to get used to the headlamp I’ll be running with in the Saintelyon, now less than six weeks away.


The route was one I had run before a few times, though with a little bit of extra distance thrown in around the Pont Raymond Barre on the way back. I headed out across the bridge over the Soane to the courthouse, then turned to the left and made my way down the river towards Mulatiere. My legs were a little stiff in the opening kilometer but they loosened up shortly afterwards and I concentrated on turning them over at a good cadence and at the pace I wanted to hit: 5:00 per kilometer.

For the first kilometer it was a little slow at 5:17 but I wasn’t worried as the first kilometer is where I am usually finding my pace, not hitting it. After that it was flat 5:00’s for a couple of kilometers, then a 4:59 and a 4:55 for a first 5K of 25:13. It was a little slower than yesterday but right on target for today.

I crossed over the bridge at the Confluence Museum, then ducked around underneath that same bridge so as to avoid the hassle of crossing multiple lanes of traffic to get to the bridge over the Rhone. I came up on the other side of the Museum, crossed over the Pont Raymond Barre and then, instead of dropping down onto the berges by the stairs, threw in a few hundred meters of detour so as to keep up my rhythm. I didn’t mind the extra distance as I managed to keep my split times consistent – and that was the point of the morning, after all.

Heading back along the berges I was spotting rats with the headlamp and laughing away to the second half of the Ten Junk Miles podcast I had started the day before. I would finish it off as I moved back towards home and switched to the music on the iPod to keep me motivated in the closing kilometers. With Aimee Mann and Dire Straits playing loud, I kept up the pace.

The splits in the second 5K were good and a little faster on average than the first half: 4:54, 5:01, 4:54, 4:48, and 4:48. I rounded out the 10K distance in 49:39 for a second 5K of 24:26 and a nice negative split for the morning’s effort. With a few hundred meters to go to get me home, I stepped up the pace a little more and closed out the last half kilometer at 4:24 pace feeling great.

Distance: 10.5km

Elevation: 38m

Time: 51:57


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