After a good week running and some nice time on the road and on the trails I’m feeling good. So good, in fact, that I’ve decided to enter the CIEC 6 Hour race in a couple of weeks time after all.

I previewed this the other day on the blog and said I would make the decision by mid-week. I felt OK all week and managed to be on my feet for a long time on Wednesday night and so I was sure by then that I would be registering for the race. I filled out the form, scanned in my medical certificate, and I wrote the cheque this morning.

There’s not a lot of information about the race that I can find online save for the race website which is a little hard to negotiate. The site is a free blog on the Skyrock platform – see it here – and the structure is a little hard to figure out. All the information is there…or sort of there…but the impression I have is that this will be a smaller event than Saint-Fons with very little in the way of support or aid stations. That said, I’m not really looking for an aid station and, for a six hour race, I don’t need much more than what I can carry and set-up next to the loop.

Talking of the loop, from what I can gather it is a mixture of trail (40%) and asphalt (60%) and around two kilometers in length. This should make it easy enough to manage nutrition and hydration with stops every two laps at the start and maybe every lap for something to drink in the last two hours. The handheld bottle should come in handy and, while the loop is longer than Saint-Fons and Ploeren, I don’t think I’ll bother with the Camelbak – it’s still only two kilometers, after all.

The goal for the race is nothing as serious and planned out as for Saint-Fons. It’s not a goal race, it’s a pick-up race of sorts for me. I’m going to treat it like a long run and make sure I do a reasonable distance – 50km at a minimum, 60km if I am feeling good – and good time on feet ahead of the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra.

It’s two weeks away, I won’t be doing much of a taper for it, and I’ll be going out to have fun and run long – and in the end that’s what ultras are all about, right?

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