So today after 18 months or so I packed up my things, said goodbye to the team, and left the office with a backpack full of gear and some good memories of the last year and a half in the marktech world. Yes, I’m officially finished at DOZ and ready to take on my next challenge with a new team and in a new industry – but more about this in a future post. For now, let’s concentrate on this second strong week of training for the 50 mile run in England as it is going very much to plan.

The goal for today’s run was simply to knock over 12 or 13 kilometers to bring the total for the week so far to about 45 kilometers. This would leave me 35 kilometers to knock over on the weekend to get to the 80 kilometer goal and, felling as I am feeling right now, I am looking forward to the slightly longer runs hitting this target will demand.


Tonight’s run had to wait for the end of the Tour de France stage where everything that could happen in the final 20 kilometers seemed to happen. The second place rider fell two or three times and then cracked on the final climb. The yellow jersey took a tumble and finished on a borrowed bike and bleeding through the jersey. The third place rider cracked with less than two kilometers to go and dropped to fourth overall, and a couple of riders who had spent two weeks doing not much suddenly found their legs. Tomorrow’s stage is going to be a doozy and I’ll have to get the run finished well before the racing gets underway.

This evening, though, I could take off a little later and head straight upriver towards the Isle Barbe. I figured that I could get about 12 kilometers in by going to the Isle, crossing the bridge, and heading home, but if I wanted to make it up to 13 kilometers and cross that ’45km by Friday’ barrier I would need to throw in an extra loop somewhere. This I did when I crossed over at the island, with a small detour upriver to where the riverside path begins, a u-turn onto that path, and then a straight shot back home.

I tried running with the latest Ten Junk Miles podcast on but it wasn’t working or me today so I switched to music fairly early on and this was enough to keep me going. I wasn’t sprinting but I was turning in regular splits of around 5:00 so it was nice and steady. In particular the final five kilometers or so felt great and even if I wasn’t turning in faster splits, it felt easier and smoother.

Close to home I continued to the Lyon City Boat ramp, turned up onto the Quai Saint Antoine, and then shot through the side street to Jacobins. A nice 13.5 kilometer run in the bag and I’m ready for the weekend.

Distance: 13.5km

Elevation: 130m

Time: 1:07:11


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