I almost always run with headphones and something to listen to blasting through them. Often it is a podcast or an audiobook but it can be music, too, and sometimes I combine both talk and music in a single run. That’s really what happened this morning when I left running to a podcast and returned running to music and, boy, what a difference it makes to the motivation!

On the way out this morning I had on The Infinite Monkey Cage, a BBC podcast of a science panel show. It’s usually very interesting and this episode was no exception. As I ran along the Saone heading towards the Isle Barbe I heard an engineer explain a very basic science experiment with a bottle of lemonade and some raisons which I think I might try with Jamie – it sounds like great fun and a nice way to explain the properties of bubbles, gas, and gravity.

After making the turn after the short section of trail just past the Isle, I returned to the path next to the Saone and headed for home. The podcast was coming to an end and so I slowed to a walk to switch things over to music. But what to choose? One of the benefits of the Apple Music trial I am on – and I think I will keep it going afterwards as it has been so useful – is that I have been able to download almost anything I would ever want to hear, and this morning I wanted to hear something uplifting…like The Blues Brothers.

An inspired choice!

As I ran back into town I had She Caught the KatyGimme Some Lovin’, and even Rawhide playing loudly in my ears and driving me forward. I couldn’t help but pick up the pace a little and those last four kilometers were easily the fastest of the morning. Where I had gone out with splits between 5:10 and 5:22, I didn’t run one over 5:08 once I had the music going. I know music has helped in the final stages of an ultra before but even here in the last third of a training run it had a nice effect.

I closed out the run at Jacobins and headed upstairs for a shower. I’ve got the Lyon Running Crew group run scheduled for tonight but I think I will otherwise take things a little easy today. I’ve got a lot of work to get through in the office, a bunch of writing to complete, and enough stress without trying to fit in a third run during lunch.

I think Jake and Elwood would approve of my plan.

Distance: 13km

Elevation: 30m

Time: 1:08:27


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