It’s been a long week at work and I had to take on some tasks that I never anticipated on Monday which, as these things tend to be, fell due on Friday. Coming into work this morning and finding yet another task that needed to be done by end of day didn’t make the week any easier and so, when 5pm rolled around, I was happy to head home.

The sky wasn’t looking all that friendly when I was making my way back home but the temperature was still warm enough. There were dark clouds threatening rain but I hoped I would be able to fit in an hour of running before the heavens opened.

As it happened, my hopes were not to be fulfilled.

I was a little later in leaving the house than I had planned as I needed to give the Garmin time to charge a little so as to be on the safe side. I spent those last couple of minutes wisely adding an episode of Dan Carlin’s Ghosts of the Ostfront to my iPod and downloading the first few episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for watching with Cécile tonight. When the watch was charged I was out the door and ready to run a 10km loop on tired legs.


I wasn’t feeling great which I think was a combination of the long week at work, the hill work yesterday, and general tiredness. Still, I set off on what I think of as my pretty basic 10km loop around the Presque Isle. I had run a version of this loop a few times back in December when I was preparing for the Ploeren 6 Hour race. It is basically flat, relatively interesting in terms of people watching, and easy not to get lost.

I dropped down to the river, headed slightly upstream to the footbridge, then charged all the way down to Perrache on the right bank of the Saone. Once I arrived it was up and over the Place Carnot, over the bridge to the berges next to the Rhone, and then all the way back upriver to the Pont de Lattre.

Unfortunately, from about the Place Carnot on, it was raining. At first it was light but it quickly got heavy and as I made my way up the Rhone the only brief respite from the rain were the moments I passed under the bridges. Reaching the Pont de Lattre, I crossed back to the Presque Isle, looped around the Place Opera, and made my way home to finish off the tenth kilometer and head inside for a warm shower.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 88m

Time: 52:59


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