According to the plan today was meant to consist of a couple of separate 10km sessions: one before work, and the regular Wednesday Evening run with the Lyon Running Club. However, as these things sometimes go, I was feeling good this morning when I woke up and so I pushed a little further than I was planning and – lo and behold – I felt good when I got back, too.


I set out up the Saone river sticking to the right bank and tracing the curves around the bottom of the Mont D’Or. The morning air was fresh and it was also somewhat bright because of a full moon that was hanging up there in what was practically a cloudless sky. I had the second half of the Ten Junk Miles podcast with Dusty in my ears and this made the miles easy to lay down for the first 45 minutes or so before the turn around.

I crossed over the river at the Pont Bocuse and started making my way back towards Lyon. I was keeping a fairly average pace to this point, with the splits coming in at just over 5:00 on average. Indeed, when I glanced down at my watch I could see that I was running pretty consistent 5:00 splits but that, somewhere along the way, I must have run slightly slower as my cumulative times were all ending in XX:10 or XX:12. I decided to address it on the way back to ensure I finished with a sub-5:00 average pace by the time I clicked stop on the Garmin. There’s no particular reason for this, of course, just something to pass the time in the pre-work morning air.

With the podcast over, I clicked the iPod over to music and found some Moby to get me running. Natural Blues and Body Rock got me a couple of sub-5:00 kilometers in succession and I was back on track for the nice average pace I had decided to aim for. By the time that Queen came on with about three or four kilometers to go, I was keeping up a nice 4:45 pace and holding it with ease.

I climbed the stairs at Cordeliers, made the final push along the river, and then turned down the final street to Jacobins where I clicked stop on what turned out to be a great morning run.


The evening run got underway a little late – well, a little later than the normal late start of that run – and when it did we headed out towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or. Luca, the one leading the run tonight, decided to throw in a little challenge in the first couple of kilometers by taking the group up the Montee Saint Sebastien before dropping down the steep staircase to the Rhone again. We crossed into the park, then made a half loop around it before cutting through the middle past the zoo.

Near the giraffes we pulled up for the nightly speed challenge. The job tonight was a 600 meter or so progressive acceleration. We were to run at our own pace but slowly speed up so that we were finishing at a near sprint. I think I did rather well and I finished in the first third of the group, though clearly behind the front runners. After that it was an extended session of planking, some other abdominal crunches, and then a smooth run along the berges back to Bellecour, Celestins, and the end of the run.

Distance: 27km (17.2km + 9.8km)

Elevation: 212m (144m + 68m)

Time: 2:23:46 (1:24:49 + 58:57)

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