Today was a holiday in France and I had a great day spending time with Jamie. With Cécile off to Spain for a week, we spent the day catching a film, checking out the toy shops, having lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, playing (and for me: losing) Mario Kart, and cooking dinner together. It was a great day and very relaxing, and I was aiming to top it off with an evening run.

The plan was just to get in 15 to 20 kilometers of steady running on uneven ground (at least part of the time), practice using my headlamp, and run a little in the cold, too. All of this should help in preparing for the Saintelyon which is only three weeks away now.


With the headlamp switched on and Ten Junk Miles on the iPod, I set off up the Saone on the right bank. I was trying to keep things steady and didn’t push the tempo too much – a 5:00 pace or around there would be fine for the night. I managed to get my feet wet a couple of times as I hit puddles that were a little bigger than what they appeared to be in the light of the headlamp but the Terra Kiger 3’s drain super fast so it was no problem.

I pushed over the hill near the Isle Barbe and then descended down towards the Pont Bocuse. It’s a nice part of the Run in Lyon course even if the ground is a little sketchy in parts. When I got to the bridge I crossed back to the left bank and turned for home. I was keeping the pace nice and steady to this point and not pushing myself too hard. My heart rate, at least on the couple of times I checked in, was hovering just under 160 beats per minute which meant I was doing just fine.

The run back into town was good and there were only a few other people out on the river bank. I guess between the cold and the odd spot of rain it doesn’t make for much of a nice Friday night…unless you are running, of course.

I pushed through the last couple of kilometers and closed it out with a couple of sub-4:50 splits. I felt good, I felt strong, and I’m looking forward to trying some more night running again tomorrow.

Distance: 17km

Elevation: 36m

Time: 1:23:39


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