Shortly after posting the write-up of the Lyon Running Club run last night I was saddened to see Wales have two goals scored against them by Portugal and bow out of the Euro 2016 competition. The last of the true minnows, Wales put up a reasonable fight and had a couple of chances to score but couldn’t convert. And so, in the second semi-final tonight, France and Germany will meet to see who will be doing their best to make Ronaldo cry on Sunday. I’m hoping France gets up, but my record of picking winners this year has been pretty poor so it could be our eastern neighbors. We’ll wait and see…

In the meantime, I got out for a run this morning on legs that were a little tired from the night before. Up early, the goals was to turn over another ten kilometers and not get injured – yes, that is the still the goal for the week and I really don’t think I will trust that right calf muscle until I get a few longer runs in on it.


I started off by crossing to the right bank of the Saone and starting the run down river towards Mulatiere. It’s been a little while since I have run this way but it is always nice to enjoy the cool breeze of the river on what is a barely used road this early in the morning. The only drawback of this way down to the confluence of the Soane and Rhone rivers is that the sidewalk is very narrow and – between overhanging trees and parked cars – I end up running on the road from time to time. Still, it is a pleasant route and there’s little traffic and so it’s usually not a problem.

At Mulatiere I crossed back to the Presque Isle and then made the jump over the Pont Raymond Barre to the left bank of the Rhone. Tracing the berges back towards the center of town, I decided not to head to Guillotiere and the likely remnants of last night’s Wales vs. Portugal semi-final party and instead to cross over at Perrache. After that it was a simple jog through the Place Carnot, the Rue Victor Hugo, past the Place Bellecour and a little loop around the center of town to bring up the tenth kilometer as I returned to Jacobins.

Uninjured, reasonable tempo considering I ran less than nine hours before, and a great start to the morning.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 88m

Time: 49:05


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