This morning’s session was all about getting a nice steady run in before heading to the office. Wednesday is always a longer day for me as it starts early (5am wakeup) and ends late (Wednesday night Lyon Running Crew run ends around 9pm). It’s usually a more relaxing day as far as running is concerned as, despite the two-a-day I normally run, it’s all recovery work.

The plan this morning was to be out and then back home again in short order. If I could get 10K under my belt, be home in an hour, and enjoy the morning air, I would be happy. No hills, no sprints, no stress – get out, get back, get warm, and get breakfast!

I decided to make it a tour of four bridges and I crossed the first one a few hundred meters after leaving home. I crossed the Saone on the Passerelle du Palais de Justice and turned left to follow the river down towards Mulatiere. This is not always the easiest run when there is traffic about but, at 5:15am, there is little traffic to worry about and the crossroads don’t require much more than a quick check left and right.

I continued down the river to Mulatiere where I crossed the Saone again next to the Autoroute du Soleil and landed on the edge of the Presque Isle. A loop underneath the same bridge and then a push past the Confluence Museum and I was ready to cross the Rhone on the third bridge of the morning, the Pont Raymond Barre. This bridge has a nice rise to the center and an equally nice descent down the other side which is good for waking up the legs even more than half way through the run.

I dropped off the bridge onto the path next to the Rhone and headed upriver on the left bank of the river. It’s a straight shot along the riverside path until the Pont Wilson where I crossed over the Rhone once more to the Presque Isle and finished off the run where I had started it at Jacobins.

A nice first session of the two I’ll run today and a great way to wake up on hump day.

Distance: 10.3km

Elevation: 43m

Time: 53:56


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