The last couple of days have been very stressful at work. A change in personnel has meant an increase in my workload and having to learn a whole lot of new skills fast. It’s not completely overwhelming and I am doing well under the pressure, but it has changed up my daily routine in the office significantly.

Because of this, I was looking forward to my Friday evening run tonight. Having discovered a couple of short trails near Cuire last weekend during Lurdunum, I was keen to return and test them out a little in slightly brighter conditions.

Of course, ‘brighter’ is a relative term: the last time  I ran the trail it was after 10pm on a Friday night and if things went to plan here it would be twilight. I would still be taking my headlamp along, but I hoped that the setting sun might still be poking around and providing a little glow amongst the trees.


I started out heading up to Croix Rousse via the Grande Cote. I was just warming up but managed to bag a personal best heading up the stairs (40 seconds, down from 42 seconds) and I should really put this on my list of Strava segments to have a serious shot at setting a good time. It is, after all, only a very short walk from home and is steep enough to provide a nice measure of fitness during the year.

I followed the metro line to Henon and then onto Cuire before turning left towards the Soane. I dropped down next to the old cemetery and hit the first of the trails. Luckily I still had some daylight and picking my way over the roots was not an issue. About half way down I took a turn I didn’t take the last time, jumped over some logs, and picked my way down a steeper section to meet up with the trail again. The trail shoes did well, and I never felt like I was about to slip and make a fool of myself.

At the bottom of the hill I hit the river – it has flooded the berges and sidewalks and is really running high – and crossed over onto the Isle Barbe. For a bit of something different I ran a loop of the island before continuing back across the bridge to climb the Mont d’Or on the other side. I just did a little of the hill, topping out and then droppig back to the bridge and crossing over to the Cuire side of the river once again.

I decided to head back up to the Croix Rousse plateau via another trail but I took a wrong turn and experienced the only down point of the run. I climbed a short section to a dead end and, when turning around, caught my jacket on a branch or stick and managed to tear the sleeve. It’s nothing major and I am sure even my mediocre sewing skills can set it right, but the jacket is among my favorite pieces of kit and I was annoyed to have torn it.

Climbing back up the hill, I passed across the top of the Croix Rousse and dropped down past the shops and bars and back to home. It was a little slower in terms of my kilometer splits than a typical flat run, but I was aiming to enjoy the trails, get a little climbing in, and de-stress from the week at work.

As far as all of that went it was mission accomplished.

Distance: 13.1km

Elevation: 264m (completed Strava February 1500m Climbing Challenge with 1709m climbed)

Time: 1:10:50


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