No run commute this morning and, with a calf muscle that still needs a little rest, I decided to take the bike into work.

It’s not unusual for me to get around Lyon and especially home from work in the afternoon using the Velov bike sharing system. However, as the local public transport is inevitably going on strike today and as I had done a nice walk yesterday afternoon, I decided to avoid the likely-busy bike share and instead throw a leg over the fixed gear bike instead.


It’s been a while since I had taken the fixed gear out. I think the last time was when cycling with Jamie a couple of months ago. The combination of dropping Jamie at the bus, walking into work, or run commuting has meant that the bike has lived on one side of our bedroom instead of on the road where it belongs.

And, man, does it belong.

The fixed gear means I am more aware of my speed, braking distance, surroundings, the traffic – not so heavy on the way into work but it’ll be heavier this evening coming home – and it’s so, so smooth. The fixed gear is so simple and liberating. There’s a descent? Use your legs to control the speed. There’s a hill? Can’t downshift, so just suck it up and find the power to go up. Orange light? Kick it up a few revolutions and leave the intersection behind.

It’s a short run into work at about five kilometers and no chance of breaking much of a sweat but it feels good to arrive at the office with at least a few minutes of fresh air in my lungs.

Distance: 5km

Elevation: 16m

Time: 13:09


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