Today was the last run of the week and the last run of my summer vacation. It didn’t need to be, nor was it going to be, long, and I wanted to enjoy the hour or so that I would spend outside before the heat of the day started catching up with me.

As inspiration for the run I took note of a relatively recent blog post by a photographer who identified the five best places to take photos in Lyon. My plan? Load up with the iPhone and run to all five places, snap a photo at each one, and see if I can make an interesting loop of it all.


My first stop was the Garden of Curiosities which required a slog up the front of the Fourviere hill before a short detour down to where there was already a small group of photographers with tripods set up to help them capture the morning sun. My effort was a little less high-tech and a little more rushed, but it still looks pretty nice:


Next stop was Fourviere proper, just beneath the basilica. Getting to here meant passing by Saint Just and following the road past the hospital to the basilica and then turning right to the garden there. Again, there were a bunch of people out taking photos and even a walking tour that was getting an early start on things. Here’s my shot:


The next three points were all on the Croix Rousse hill, and this meant a descent into the city center. I chose to turn around the Piste de la Sarra and then descend the stairs to Saint Paul, crossing the river Soane and then starting up the hill to my next stop, the Jardin des Plantes. Here’s what I saw:


The next stop wasn’t so far away, just a short push over the Pentes to the edge of the hill and looking out over Fourviere from the Jardin des Chartreux. This is a small and less-nice (IMHO) park but the views of the Piste de la Sarra are nice and a reminder of the ultra I raced there this year. Here’s the Piste as I saw it from the garden:


My last pit stop would be the Place Bellevue. getting here required a push over the top of the Croix Rousse, navigating past the crowded Sunday morning market, and then dropping down from the esplanade a few meters to a small square spotted with young people who didn’t make it home and a couple of videographers filming each other in the morning sun. Here’s my shot:


The descent back home was steep but simple, and I crossed over the Place des Terreaux and took the straight shot down Edouard Herriot towards home. With an eye on my Garmin and wanting to bring up a nice round number for the distance, I took a dogs leg route around the block to end the run at a little over 12km and just over an hour, too. A nice start to a Sunday that is going to be very hot, and a nice way to close out a big mileage week and a summer vacation, too.

Distance: 12km

Elevation: 330m

Time: 1:03:40


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