Today is a busy day.

To start with, I am due in at work at 7am to open things up and meet the cleaner. It’s not a big deal to wake up early – I’m a 5am guy, anyway – but squeezing in a run, a shower, and a commute into the two hours between waking up and arriving at the office means cutting things pretty tight.

As well, the end of my day is pretty busy, too, as I am picking up Jamie after work and have the typical ‘Dad duties’ to perform at the end of the day: homework, dinner, shower, bedtime, and everything else. Add to this that it is Cécile’s last day at her job before starting with her new position on Monday, and there’s the potential for things to get a little stressful if the time isn’t managed well.

And so, the preparation for this morning’s run began the night before.

I had already decided on a relatively short run and targeted the Parc de la Feyssine as the place to go. It’s close to home, it’s flat, it isn’t all that technical, and I don’t have to wait for it to open as I do when fitting in a morning run in the Parc de la Tete D’Or. An out and back should be easy enough and, if I keep a reasonable pace, it should be no more than an hour.


I set the alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier than normal so that I could be out the door as close to 5am as possible. Perhaps because of this, however, I was wide awake at 4:30am and had clicked the GPS on by 4:50am. Dropping down to the Opera House, I crossed over the Pont Morand and got on the trail near the ePont de Lattre. Moving around was fairly easy though I appreciated the headlamp all the same. It’s not a technical trail but there is the odd pothole waiting to snag a shoe or twist an ankle.

There was mud as I entered the Parc de la Feyssine and so I decided to run on the wood slats that carve a path through the Parc rather than the trail proper, at least on the way out. When the wood ran out, I hit the trail, and was aiming to turn around near the bridge. I managed to get myself momentarily turned around all on my own, but found the trail again and headed back on a headlamp-lighted path. The moon is nearly new and there was little moonlight to brighten the pathway, but this was not at all unpleasant. It was just me and a few dozen rabbits out in the pre-dawn darkness.

Instead of crossing the same bridge I had previously passed over, I pulled up onto the cycle path at the Parc de la Tete D’Or. I crossed the Rhone at the Pont de Lattre, ran up through Croix Pacquet, and was home, straight in the shower, and prepping for a busy day. A cream cheese bagel, a hot cup of coffee, and out the door for the stroll into work soon after.

Distance: 11.1km

Elevation: 57m

Time: 52:42


Image by Denis G.

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