After the 30km I banked yesterday I was well on my way to reaching this week’s 80km mileage goal. However, the fact that the Lyon Running Club run yesterday evening went on for a little longer than normal coupled with the now-normal skipping of dinner on Wednesday evenings and going to bed a little later than normal all meant that, come this morning, I was a little tired.

No matter though because being tired doesn’t mean ‘don’t run’, it just means run within yourself and recover on your feet. Active recovery, you might say, or “motion is lotion” as Scott on Ten Junk Miles puts it.

Hence, this morning I set out at a slow, even pace to get an hour of active recovery in before breakfast, continue to push the needle on the weekly mileage goal, and ensure that the gains I’ve been making over the last couple of months are maintained, even if I am a little tired.


I set off from home at a pace somewhere between 5:45 and 6:00 and tried to find a nice rhythm. I didn’t bring my iPod or the phone this morning. In fact, I didn’t bring anything besides myself which meant I was concentrating on getting into my stride and not on someone else talking or singing for once. I wound up the Soane and thought about turning around at the bridge at Vaise and doing some work in the Croix Rousse tunnel, but instead thought I might run an out and back instead and so I continued on.

Not long after the 5km point I turned for home and by now I was feeling OK. Still tired, mind you, but I was into the run and I was clicking off the kilometers slowly but regularly. Save for a sixth kilometer that somehow edged close to a 6:00 pace, most everything else was around the 5:30 mark which, for a recovery run, is pretty good. I was humming songs to myself and singing in my head, everything from Fleetwood Mac to The Offspring, but I got stuck on an old Simon and Garfunkel song about half way home:

…da da da da-da, da-da, feelin’ groovy…

Back near Vaise I crossed over the bridge and then dropped onto the path next to the Soane. I followed this back passing a couple of runners heading the other way and noting, in the distance, that there were a couple more that on any other run I would have tried to run down in a final effort to round out the run. But not today. Today, I just kept things mellow, threw in a loop of Jacobins to round out the distance for the day, and clicked stop on the Garmin. I might be a little tired, but I am also feelin’ groovy.

Distance: 11km

Elevation: 84m

Time: 1:00:46


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