So I wasn’t planning on running at all today or tomorrow…but I had a chance to try something different so I gave it a go.

The Lyon Running Club has a short run on Friday mornings starting at 7am. It’s meant to be a run that people complete without taking their breakfast beforehand – nothing more than a glass of water, a coffee, or anything liquid without sugar. The pace is deliberately slow and the distance more limited than the Wednesday night runs at only about 5 or 6km.

Now almost all of my morning runs are fasted runs, anyway, save for the long runs where I take some calories with me for the run itself. As such, running on an empty stomach is not such a big deal. However, I thought it might be nice to try another run with the club and, as it started close to home and I knew a couple of the people who would be going, I thought why not?


We started off from Guillotiere and then simply headed up the berges towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or. Nearing the park, we didn’t turn off for the entry but continued forward for a few hundred meters more until we arrived outside Interpol, then turned to make the return trip to Guillotiere. This time, though, we took the trail along the water instead of the path, and this was a little bit more fun as there were some slippery points to make sure everyone was awake.

The final couple of kilometers we completed on the berges again, all running as a tight group and no one seemingly bothered by the pace being set. Everyone is preparing for different events – the Nuit des Carbones, the Run in Lyon festival, the Saintelyon or my own 50 miler – and it was nice to pass some time chatting about training, goals, and racing.

Distance: 5.9km

Elevation: 0m

Time: 40:05


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