Today was a very long day in the office. I arrived early, got a couple of hours of work in, and then had an all day training session that ended up running until about 6:30pm. We did get a break for lunch and I had a wonderful andouillette in a mustard sauce, and there was the odd break of a few minutes where I triaged email, but otherwise I was full gas all day.

Pulling on my gear to run home I could tell I was tired and more than a little dehydrated and undernourished. I was lacking energy but I still thought I could get in a nice steady 10K before heading home to shower and eat. But where to go?

I ended up making it nice and easy on myself by looping through the Parc de Gerland and then following the Rhone all the way down to Rue Duquense, crossing over the Pont de Lattre, and then shooting back down the other side of the river to the Place Bellecour. A right turn, then another onto the Rue du President Edouard Herriot, and I clicked stop on the Garmin as Jacobins rose up in front of me and the 10K marker rolled over on my watch.

My splits, considering the fatigue and the lack of energy when I left, weren’t all that bad. Sure, I ran a 5:22 in the second kilometer but that was mostly because I was trying to bring Rush Limbaugh (El Rushbo to the fans) up on my phone. There’s nothing like good talk radio to keep me smiling as I run and I managed four kilometer splits between 5:07 and 5:09, and even closed out the final two kilometers at sub-5:00 pace.

Hmmm….maybe i should listen to Rush more often?

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 26m

Time: 51:31


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