I’m now about two months or about eight weeks out from the run in England and training, at least in the last week, is back on track. After the long period post Ultra Boucle where I wasn’t running because of injury, last week I got my 50 miles or 80 kilometers in and I am feeling good. Last summer was good to me in terms of getting the miles and time on my feet in, and I am hoping that this summer is similarly strong for me so as to head to England with the best possible preparation.

For this week, I am hoping to get my 80 kilometers in again. I want to take today off from running and I might take tomorrow off, too. I’m not hurt, but I understand a little rest can help me run stronger later in the week. A double on Wednesday and some nice, slightly longer runs on the weekend and I’ll knock over the distance with ease.

So here’s the plan for the week:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 10km + 10km
  • Thursday: 10km
  • Friday: 15km
  • Saturday: 15km
  • Sunday: 20km

I might mix things up a little bit or throw in a short 5km run tomorrow, but I think that something along these lines will get the job done for the week and for the preparation to continue in the best way.

The week after? Well I’ll be traveling to San Francisco for a couple of days and I hope to be able to get a run in while I am there – maybe even two , if am lucky. I’m not sure how jet lag is going to hit me, but if I can spend a couple of hours of my time on the ground pounding the pavement in that city and not getting too lost, I’ll be a happy camper.

All up, then, last week was a nice confidence builder and if I can strong together another 80 kilometer week this week, I’ll be even happier. Two months out and I’m not injured? That’s good news for the Thames Path.

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