As there is no time like the present to get things in order I set out to try and eat cleaner today.

I won’t say ‘healthier’ as I think I am eating healthy anyway. But cleaner, as in fresher and less processed.

And no meat, though that’s just a function of the clean and fresh, I guess.

Cécile and I have eaten vegetarian for a week or two at a time before and we’ve never had a problem doing it. When you cook good food and get a little creative then you don’t really miss the meat. But I’m going a little bit further this time and trying to cut out things that aren’t, well, plants. Vegetables and fruits, nuts and legumes – all good. But meat, dairy, fish, processed flours and sugars – all out.

Plant based diets are somewhat of a trend in ultrarunning. Rich Roll is a name that gets tossed around in conversations about plant based eating in long distance running but he’s not alone. Plenty of people are either trying out the diet or fully committing. I did my own research on things like proteins, calcium, nutrients, and vitamins and I’m convinced that I’m not missing anything by leaving meat out of my meals. It should work out, as it has for others already.

I’m sure I’ll be missing meat soon and so, for the moment, I’m thinking about this as an experiment more than a full time forever commitment. If I can keep it up and feel good, all the better, but there’s no pressure to never eat meat again – especially if I can get the veggies to taste as good as I did today.

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