The work meeting I had last night was a long one. It was meant to finish at 10pm but it went on for nearly 30 minutes after that and by the time I settled down and packed away the work things, sent the final emails, and followed up on essential work communications it was 11pm. This is pretty late to be getting to bed for a 5am run and I knew it wouldn’t work out well for the rest of the day if I went out to run at that time. Hence, instead of heading out the door, I stayed inside, listened to the news, and spent an hour doing some foam rolling and balance exercises.

So where do I fit in the run today?

My plan was to do it at work, then take a shower and get back into the long day planned. However, due to being a little absent minded, I left the house this morning without Jamie’s metro card meaning that, when I go an collect him this afternoon, I’ll either have to buy him a ticket or risk the expensive wrath of the metro cops. Cécile had borrowed it yesterday to collect him from the fencing club and I didn’t think to grab it this morning so it sits at home, waiting for me.

Knowing I needed the card for tonight but also knowing that I wouldn’t have a chance to pass by home before collecting him, I switched my plan from running at work and then showering here to running home, showering there, grabbing the card and getting my butt back to the office in time for my 2pm meeting. It shouldn’t be too tight but I knew I wouldn’t get much more than nine or ten kilometers in before having to get back to work. Could I do it? I reckoned I could!

I set off from the office just after 12 noon and headed out into the Parc de Gerland. I ran the regular path down to the river, then along the bank until I got to the Point Raymond Barre where I popped across to the Confluence Museum, circled around, and emerged on the Saone side of the Presque Isle heading for the Confluence sector proper. It was cold and I was running into the wind but it felt good to be getting my exercise in during the day.

How cold? At Confluence the water had frozen over and I stopped to snap a photo of a couple of ducks walking on the ice!

I followed the Saone upriver until I got to the bridge at Perrache where I crossed over to the base of the Old City and kept moving along the sidewalk in the direction of Saint Paul. My goal was to get up to the bridge at Saint Vincent, cross over, and then drop down onto the path on the left bank for the final kilometer or so. There were a few people out for lunch and more than a few tourists, but it was no problem to avoid them and get down to the Quai Saint Antoine where I turned for Jacobins and soon after clicked stop on the Garmin with just enough time to pop upstairs, get cleaned up, grab the metro card, and get my butt back to work.

Distance: 9.5km

Elevation: 34m

Time: 45:48


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