In more of CNN’s extended squeezing of every last talking point out of a terrorist attack in Orlando on the weekend they’ve published a facile piece by Doug Criss. In it he lists off a handful of things that, according to him, are easier to get than a gun:

Here’s the graphic they came up with to illustrate his argument:


And here’s part of Criss’ biting commentary:

Divorce: In some states, waiting for your divorce to be final will have you cooling your heels for up to six months.

Gun: Whether you buy online or in person, there are no waiting periods for gun purchases — unless you live in the nine states (and D.C.) that require it. But even then, it’ll keep you from your gun for no more than a handful of days.

Of course, in some states, you can get divorced when you like with no waiting period at all. In fact, in New Hampshire you don’t even have to be a resident: you can just cross over the border, stay the night, and head home single the next day.

Facts like that, though, get in the way of Criss’s story – and there’s one big fact he doesn’t bother to include: none of those things he mentions that are harder to do than buying a gun are guaranteed rights of the people of the United States.

There’s no mention in the Bill of Rights of owning a dog or buying cold medicine. The founding fathers didn’t guarantee anyone a passport nor a driver’s license. And a divorce, while not uncommon at the time of the American Revolution, was not something that Jefferson and Co. felt needed to be up there with the freedom of speech.

As long as Americans have a constitutional right to own a firearm they should be able to exercise that right without great restriction. This is exactly why getting a firearm or practicing your religion or writing a letter to the editor is easier than getting a passport or getting a divorce.

Arguments that don’t recognize this reality, like those of Doug Criss, are just wasting everyone’s time.

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