I enjoy the Wednesday night runs with the Lyon Running Club – they are well paced, friendly, and a gentle way to pass the evening on hump-day.

Tonight’s run would be a little different in that it would be a two-part effort. The first would be myself, alone, and hitting the streets of Lyon in an effort to get some time and distance in before the group met at 7:30pm. The second would be with the group as a whole, a little slower and a little more of a mystery as the run never seems to take the same route twice.

Injury wise, the problem with my lower leg seems to have dissipated. I did have a little soreness in my right calf after the run on Monday, though this has lessened in the days since. Walking around at lunch I wasn’t feeling anything at all, save for the first couple of steps after sitting down at my desk for five hours this morning. As long as I was careful with it tonight I thought it should be fine for the Lurdunum race on Friday.

Hence, tonight was about time on feet: get a good 70 to 90 minutes in between work and meeting the group, then get another hour in with the LRC.


Leaving work after the regular Wednesday team meeting I headed down to the Rhone and then crossed over the bridge to the Presque Isle and Confluence. Cutting through the mall, I traced the Saone back down to the Bellecour quarter before crossing over continuing downriver. As I neared the 9th arrondissement I turned around and – as the berges were flooded – stayed on the sidewalk until I returned to the Cordelier quarter where I crossed the river, then crossed back, then made my way to the Place de Celestins to meet the group. A little less than 90 minutes of steady state running and 15km in the bank.


We left Celestins (predictably) ten minutes after the appointed time and our group of about 30 runners cut through the Presque Isle towards Guillotiere. We crossed the Rhone, dropped down onto the berges, and then we were heading in the direction of Confluence – my second time down here for the night. When we got to the Confluence Museum we paused for a photo and then made our way along the Soane towards the mall. This was a path I had not run before and it was very pleasant; it’ll be on my list for the next time I head down to the end of the Presque Isle as it saves cutting through the traffic at the highway overpass.

We ran up past the ice rink and towards Perrache before turning back to the river and cutting across to the Old City. A few minutes later we passed back across the river, ran up the Rue Victor Hugo, across the Place Bellecour, and then back to the Place de Celestins. A little more than an hour in a group and another 10km banked.

All up, then, I got my time in and I got my distance in, and I didn’t get injured. I’m set for Friday night and I can’t wait.

Distance: 25.2km (15.2km + 10km)

Elevation: 97m (76m + 21m)

Time: 2:17:36 (1:15:27 + 1:02:09)

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