After work tonight I met up with Cécile and Jamie and we walked over to the Halle Tony Gernier to collect my number and the race package ahead of the Saintelyon tomorrow. All was fairly straightforward and I collected the envelope that contained all of the timing chips, the number, and the race book. We spent another 10 minutes wandering around the expo and then headed back home for dinner.

I’ll be wearing number 1591 in the race tomorrow night. Judging by the random way in which the numbers were allocated – it’s pretty smart, actually, as you didn’t have to have anyone find your name, just scan your packet, scan the number and it was done – this doesn’t mean I am ranked 1591st or anything like that. It’s just a number and, save for the top 20 or so, I suspect it is just first come, first served.

I’ve decided to take the train out to the race which I suspect will be more comfortable than the bus ride down to Saint Etienne, and I know it is a little cheaper, too. I’ll arrive a few hours before but it should be fine and I’ll find time to read the race book while I get myself psyched up for the event while I wait.

And so, with only 27 hours to go before the start, I think I am ready.

I have a little bit of preparation for the gear to do tomorrow but I am otherwise set. I think I am going to enjoy this one and running with a lot of other people will make for a different sort of race – hopefully fun.

The countdown is well and truly on…

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