In the process of getting things organized for the new year (and soaking up those 10 hours a week I’m not running right now) I took a look over the list of domains I own this week to see what I’m keeping, what I’m going to let lapse, what I’ll try and offload, and just how many domains I have been suckered into buying because who can say no to 99 cent domains, right?

The most important, of course, is, the domain you likely find in the address bar at the top of your browser right now. I’ve owned it for years now and though I recently transferred the registration to a new registrar, I won’t be giving it up. Everyone should own their own domain if they possibly can.  I feel a little sorry that Dylan Kissane, the high school football guard from Michigan, won’t get his but I was there first.

I also own which redirects to my main site. Maybe it’ll be something I develop in the future for a family site or for a business – who knows? But I don’t mind paying the bills for this one.

I also own as a long term investment for Jamie. The way that dot com domains get snapped up there’s a chance that, by the time he wants his domain in a decade or so, it won’t be available anymore. I’m happy to pay the registration on this until then as it seems a smart thing to do.

I also own a couple of domains that I only bought because they were cheap. Can I pass up a 99 cent domain? Rarely. When came on the market for less than a dollar, I bought it. The same thing with – hey, I am a DOZ ninja, alright? Both of these will be allowed to expire this year.

I also bought a couple of domains ( and after reading an article in the local press here that suggested that SiliSaone Valley was going to be the new nickname for the region’s tech and startup scene. A quick purchase, a hacked-together automated Twitter feed of #FrenchTech news, and a vague plan to offload it at a small profit if anyone wanted it.

12,000 tweets and hundreds of followers later and…no interest. A waste of time and money? Technically, yes – but a minor one. I guess I spent all of €10 on both sites and the time to set up the Twitter feed. I learned a little about automating feeds, growing a small audience quickly, and while I haven’t offloaded the domains, I don’t feel like I wasted anything much.

I’m not sure I’ll be buying any more domains in the near future but you never really know, right? I mean, sometimes inspiration strikes and getting a site online is fast these days, especially with my (slowly) increasing skill set in tech. I don’t think I’ll be dabbling too much in the domain buying/selling world – I don’t really seem to have the nous to pick the winning name – but, on the other hand, if young Dylan Kissane in Michigan makes it to the NFL I might already be sitting on a goldmine of my own.

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