I can’t remember where exactly I read about it but I am enjoying diving into the BBC 4 series Detectorists.

British comedies – the scripted sort, that is – are among my favorite comedies. While some of what comes out of the US and Australia, or even the local stuff in France, can be good, for consistently good comedy it is hard to go past the UK. Detectorists reminds me of The Office and Extras in that it is dry, sometimes a little awkward, and limited in length. The entire series consists of two six-episode series, and a single Christmas special. It’s enough to develop the characters, move them forward in their story arcs, and satisfy the viewer, too.

Detectorists focuses on the lives of Andy and Lance, two men who are a little out of the ordinary and not just because of their mutual interest in metal detecting. They spend their spare time waving metal detectors over the soil, digging up most anything except for gold or anything else valuable, and always being a few steps or a few sessions with the metal detector away from a big find.

What happens away from the fields, though, is what makes the series so rich. The other characters are played perfectly, bounce off the two leads well, and have their own back stories that are interesting, engaging, and sometimes a little off-beat. Well, usually a little off-beat, really, but that’s the series for you, really.

If you’ve not caught it yet, do dive in; there’s gold buried there for sure.

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