Sometimes I forget basic things. Not often – I’m not some middle-aged doddering idiot – but from time-to-time I misplace things, get clumsy, or just forget things that I made clear mental notes not to forget just hours before.

Like this morning, for example.

Yesterday evening I had bought some bread and, after dinner, Cécile and I reserved the last part of the baguette for my breakfast this morning. Now I bought the bread, I ate some of the bread, and I was there when the decision was made to have the remaining third for breakfast this morning

And I promptly left the house this morning without it.


And so that meant this morning’s commute on the fixed gear was interrupted by a stop at the bakery to grab a demi baguette for breakfast. On the upside, it’s cheap and the bread is warm as it is just out of the oven. The bakery I stopped at is great, the staff friendly, and the product always tasty.

Yet I know, waiting at home on the counter, is my leftover bread slowly going stale.

Oh, well. At least the ride in to work was smooth and the bike and I snaked through built up traffic on the Cours Lafayette without any hassles. The fixed gear is far easier to maneuver than the larger Velov bikes and, with all the roadworks on the avenue, it makes cutting through the line of cars easy.

A quick change at work, a warm demi baguette in hand, and a nice start to the work day.

But, man, that bread wasting away on the counter….it’s the little things that drive me nuts.

Distance: 5km

Elevation: 28m

Time: 12:26


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