Over the last four days, I have rested, I have iced, I have compressed (well, a little), and I have elevated. I have popped painkillers and a whole bunch of Vitamin I and I’ve avoided running altogether, and walking wherever possible. The pain in my leg has diminished, that’s for certain. But it is still there and today is D-Day – Decision Day – as to what to do next.

The smart move would be to call a doctor and see if they can tell me what is going on. I say ‘smart’ because asking an expert is always a good idea when it comes to things that have a large role to play in my life like, say, major limbs. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a doctor to talk to, and cost is not an issue as I live in the socialist paradise that is France.

The only things that have me thinking twice about this are the following:

  • the leg seems to be getting better with rest so I almost feel like I’d be wasting my time
  • sports doctors are hard to come by at short notice, and a GP is likely to either tell me to continue doing what I am doing anyway or send me for an x-ray while continuing to do what I am doing anyway
  • it’s not a debilitating injury that makes working impossible so I’ll have to take time off work and make it up later – and on a week where I have Jamie to look after this is a hassle

Still, these reservations aside, if the leg is not feeling good by lunch, I’ll pull out my Carte Vitale and make the call. I mean, this sort of healthcare is what I pay exorbitant taxes for every month, right?

Here’s hoping that things bode well by midday…

Update @ 13h00: It’s lunch, the leg is not perfect, and I’m hoping to get in to see the doctor tomorrow.

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