Another long day in the office and another workout on the way home. My legs are feeling OK and not quite as heavy as yesterday or over the weekend, but I just wanted to spin out the fatigue and so I jumped on the indoor bike and got going shortly after arriving. In the back of my head I knew that I would be working another three hours on the laptop tonight so I just wanted an hour to myself to focus on something else other than work.

And so I switched on The Good Wfie and dove into Season 4’s episode, “Death of a Client”.


I kept the speed up for the whole time I was on the bike and I did break a sweat. My eyes were basically on my phone as I watched an episode that was a bit lower then average on the quality scale. A few interesting did bits emerged, but nothing season-affecting or anything that moved the storyline along too far. Oh, sure, Diane was offered a Supreme Court seat (or at least promised one if Peter gets elected) but she’s a secondary character. While there hasn’t been a bad episode of the series yet, this one was underwhelming.


Off the bike, wipe it down, and over to the treadmill. I didn’t want to run but I thought I would get through the last couple of minutes of the episode by doing a kilometer with a fair bit of incline – like 8% of incline!

I set up the slope, upped the speed to an 8:00 pace, and got going. It was hard but not as hard as it would have been running it a bit faster. It got the heart rate up and the slope meant I couldn’t relax else I would fall  of the back of the treadmill! I closed out the episode I was watching, got the treadmill back down onto the flat, wiped it all down, and I was done.

Changed, showered, a cool drink, and i was ready to jump back into work again. Big days, these days, big days…

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