Cécile and I have an apartment to look at this morning at about 8:30am and so I would not be heading into work at my usual early hour. Instead, I would head in a little later and compensate with the regular late Wednesday afternoon meeting. This left me with two options for the run today: early morning or later evening.

I went with the early morning.

While 8:30am might be early for some, for me I knew I could get in a nice run, shower, catch up on the news over breakfast and still make the apartment viewing with ease. It would mean strapping on the headlamp as the days, while longer, are not yet so long as to allow me to run on trails in the pitch black.

And so, stepping out into the blackness at 5:20am, I got going.


One thing I had not considered when heading out was the weather. While the days have been hot recently and I have been running in what seemed like inferno weather after the cold winter, the rain has not yet passed us by. Hence, when I opened the door and adjusted the headlamp, I caught the steady fall of raindrops and quickly realized that this run would be both dark and wet.

I headed down the hill, crossing the Croix Paquet and then ducking under the tunnel. Emerging on the other side I quickly made my way down to the singletrack trail next to the Rhone and headed upriver. Crossing over the footbridge to the Cite Internationale, I turned left and entered the Parc de la Feyssine and commenced my tour in the darkness. The only interruptions in the next twenty minutes were a barely-lit jogger accompanied by his dog, and the dozens of rabbits that darted across the path with their eyes lit up in the glow from my headlamp.

Leaving the park, I pulled back up across the road and made a loop around the far end of the Cite Internationale. I followed the pathway down past the Museum of Contemporary Art, Interpol, and eventually dropped back down next to the Rhone at the entrance to the Parc de la Tete D’Or. The pavement was a little slick in places here but mostly I managed to maintain a solid pace heading down to Perrache before crossing first the Rhone, then the Saone, and turning for home. A bridge, a run through the early morning streets of the Presque Isle, and a final push towards the Opera House and I was done.

Distance: 16.5km

Elevation: 72m

Time: 1:18:51


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