Merry Christmas!

Today is the day for waking up at the crack of dawn, opening presents, and then having a late breakfast…unless you are in the north of France. Here we open the presents and eat a huge dinner on Christmas Eve and, come Christmas Day, sleep in before a lazy breakfast a nice lunch with family and friends.

On the menu today for lunch was an entree of foie gras, a main course of roasted duck with friend polenta and chestnuts, and then a couple of different desserts. No cheese, you ask? Well we were all so full we skipped the fromage and went straight to the dessert. A long cup of coffee and Christmas lunch was done.

Now to work off a few of the calories!

After a little post-lunch rest I headed out to take what would be my final walk here in Picardie before out early departure tomorrow morning for Lyon. Having checked out a couple of nearby villages yesterday, I decided to continue the trend and headed out of La Fere in the direction of Danizy and Achery.

Danizy, it turns out, was damn close to La Fere, or at least to our end of La Fere. About 200 meters after I left the house I found I was in Danizy but, luckily for me, the village was long enough I got to enjoy it. I walked up the hill and, when I came to the end of the village, I turned to the left and headed for a horse farm that looked kind of interesting on the way to Achery.

The horses were enjoying the fresh breeze and low temperatures, and I was finishing off the Ten Junk Miles podcast I had started the day before. When I eventually wound through the fields to Achery, I stopped to snap a photo and then turned for home, changing the podcast as Scotty’s ‘Long Run’ came to an end. Up next: This American Life and a very interesting take on what can go wrong in a nuclear missile silo (spoiler: a lot).

I headed back up the hill from Achery going back the way I had come. It’s not the most interesting route on the map but it meant that I didn’t get lost heading back into La Fere. Despite the cold weather, I was working up a nice sweat in my winter coat and I was happy to enter the house, cool down a little, and then warm up once again in the lounge with the family.

Distance: 8.3km

Elevation: 50m

Time: 1:09:01


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