After taking five days off from running after Sunday’s painful calf injury I wanted to get back into things slowly this morning. I was planning to do something short – 5km, maybe half an hour maximum – just to get moving again and ease my lower leg back into training.

That was the plan.

Things did not go to plan.


I didn’t want to stress my calf at all. No downhills, no uphills, no stairs – just flat, even terrain. Towards this end I walked to the bottom of the Pentes and clicked start on the Garmin at the Opera House, deciding to follow another runner who was heading past the Hotel de Ville to the Place des Terreaux.

I felt fine, was running about a minute slower per kilometer than I normally would, and when I turned to head down towards Bellecour I could only feel the slightest twinge in my calf. I was hopeful that if I kept the pace steady, the twinge wouldn’t get worse.

Except a hundred meters later it did.

A biting pain, slow to a walk, and then to a stop. The injury was not as healed as I’d imagined it to be and, dammit, the run was over before it had even begun.

Looks like I’ll be taking at least another five days off again – it is not as bad as when I hurt it before and I stopped running immediately which should help – but it is frustrating. While I know I don’t really need to be doing too much of anything in June to prepare for the 50 miler in September, it’s annoying beyond belief that I can’t enjoy myself running in the streets of Lyon and the trails nearby.


Distance: 0.5km

Elevation: 0m

Time: 2:56


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