Being a vacation week I have a chance to run in the morning and the evening, but also take some rest in the middle of the day, too. With no work to get in the way and only an energetic six-year-old to run my day – which means exerting energy but without a lot of direction – I can enjoy a morning workout and then the slower Lyon Running Club group run in the evening.

The evening run is usually about ten kilometers or so and while I have been knocking over 15km efforts the last couple of days, I wanted to end the day with about 20km banked in total. I’m hoping for an 80km week overall so if I could do 10km in the morning and another10km in the evening, then I would be only 30km from closing out my week.

80km in a week, by the way, is what seems to work for me in terms of preparation. I’ve done a few +100km weeks in the past but I don’t really see the benefits to my fitness pushing those extra two hours or so on my feet compared to the 80km weeks. At 50 miles or 80 kilometers a week, I am running well and banking good time on my feet ahead of the next challenge.

Hence, today was a day for a double.


The first of the two runs was the morning effort. With the only goal a steady, uninjured, and enjoyable ten kilometers or so, I set out across the Rhone and then downriver towards Gerland. I’ll shortly be changing jobs and beginning a new position at a business based near Gerland (more on this in a future post) and I thought I would check out how long it takes to run from home to the office. I was happy to see that it took only about 23 or 24 minutes which means a commute one way or the other should be a nice way to start or round out the day once I start there.

As I turned around the Halle Tony Garnier I made a mental note to come and explore this part of town a little more. The parklands around Gerland look like they could be good fun to run in and I hope I’ll have a chance to do a little of that when working a little closer to them soon.

I crossed back from Gerland across the Pont Raymond Barre and then took the loop around the Confluence Museum to follow the Soane back towards home. I was keeping a nice tempo and hoping to keep my kilometer splits between 4:50 and 5:00 which I basically managed the whole time – there were even a couple of faster ones there, too. As I got close to Perrache and the cobbled section of the riverside path, I took the chance to jump up to the road, cross over to the Place Carnot, and then make the straight shot down the Rue Victor Hugo for home. A turn around Bellecour, and few hundred meters to finish off at Jacobins, and part one of the daily double was in the bag.


The second part of the Daily Double came with the Lyon Running Club group run in the evening. It is usually about ten kilometers long but today ended up being a little shorter after a cold wind coupled with rain started chilling people about the six kilometer point. Before then, though, it had been somewhat of an atypical run with a few not-so-normal elements thrown in.

The first few kilometers were all as per normal: a slow jog along the Rhone, crossing over the river to the bottom of the Croix Rousse, and then cutting across the Pentes to the bottom of the hill. There, however, things were changed up a little and we climbed the Montee Saint Sebastien until my old street, the Rue de Tables Claudiennes, where we shot up some stairs, then another set of stairs, and ran along the face of the hill for a while. After cutting back down to the Soane, we crossed into the Old City and then hit some more stairs on the Montee Garillan. This we did twice: first as a group effort at a steady pace, and the second time a little faster with a pause after each of the dozen flights of stairs to do a six-second squat.

On reaching the top for the second time the rain arrived and we made our way back down to the Soane, then threw in a loop over the footbridge and headed back towards Celestins. We followed our nose as the rain got heavier, the wind got colder, and as the rainbow came out in the sky ahead. A careful crossing of the road in the wet, and we were done for the evening with about eight-and-a-half kilometers in the bank.

Distance: 19.3km (10.8km + 8.5km)

Elevation: 182m (32m + 150m)

Time: 1:47:43 (51:53 +55:50)

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