So since the calf injury flared up again last Saturday I have been doing all I can to try and not run. Instead of running or walking in to work I’ve been cycling and, truth be told, enjoying it. The fixed gear bike is as smooth as ever and the weather has been nice enough to make it fun just being out zooming around the streets of Lyon.

I don’t think it counts as cross-training exactly. It’s been more relaxing than anything else and an effective way to keep pressure and stress off the calf. But, on the other hand, it has helped me to keep a little active and even if it is just 10km of riding a day, it’s something when I would otherwise not be doing exercise.

I’m hoping that, this weekend, I’ll be able to get back and start running again. Not a lot, mind you, as I think I’ll be getting enough exercise in the week ahead as we move into the new apartment. I don’t think I’ll find the time to run, help manage the move, and deal with all the things that come from having Jamie around, too. It’ll be busy, perhaps too busy to run.

So, for the week ahead, I’ll be continuing with this ‘soft’ commuting and cross-training. I think I’ll focus on diet and nutrition, too, as getting back into mileage come the end of June and the start of July is going to mean getting back into race shape, too.

I’m really looking forward to stacking the miles up again in July and August and to that 50 miler run in September, but getting through the move and keeping a little fitness with some cross-training in the meantime are the priorities right now.

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