So tomorrow is the big day where I take on the longest ultra run of my ultrarunning career so far: 50 miles or about 80 kilometers along the Thames Path in England.

I had been planning to start at Windsor but, talking about it with my Dad, I have decided to back it up only slightly to start in Eton tomorrow morning. I’ll be finishing in the afternoon – or early evening if things really fall apart – at the Tower Bridge in central London.

It’s going to be the longest run I’ve done by about 13 or 15 kilometers or so. Previously I had knocked over 67km or so in just over six hours at a race earlier in the year, but that was at race pace and with support from Cécile in the pits meaning I was moving fast most of the time. This time the pace will be deliberately slower but, hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy the effort a little more and be able to walk effectively at the end of the run. After all, I still want to enjoy dinner with my folks and be able to walk onto the plane the next day without a wheelchair.

I’ve got sufficient calories to get me through about four or five hours, but I can easily find some more along the way. As for water, I’ll drink from the start and get some more of that a couple of time along the route, too. I went with the hydration pack alone instead of brining the handheld bottle, too, and I think I’ll enjoy the run better with my hands free.

The goal is to go out at about 5:30 pace, drink every about every 15 minutes, and eat every 10 kilometers or so. I think I’ll be able to keep this up for a few hours and hopefully longer than that, but I’m not out to set a record, just to get the distance in.

A goal? Well, as much as it counts, I think that finishing between 8 and 9 hours would be good, maybe under 10 hours if I really stop to eat for a length of time around lunch. In any case, I want to be underway by 8am and finished by 6pm. Here’s hoping I can keep to that schedule.

Lasagna for dinner, a good night’s sleep, and I’m in countdown mode now. Wish me luck!

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