The original plan was to do a reasonably long run tonight but a couple of  things came up.

First, though it is not a major problem, I was feeling a little ‘niggle’ in my right foot and lower leg. Not enough to stop running altogether but enough to be wary of running 15km out on a trail only to have to walk 15km back on a sore foot.

Second, I am truly looking forward to my run on Saturday which will be the last big hit out before the Saint-Fons race. I didn’t want to push too hard on a slightly sore foot tonight only to find that I wouldn’t be able to run much on Saturday when I will be truly without constraints.

Hence, I made the call to just put in an hour tonight on my feet and see how the foot went so as to stay fit and healthy for Saturday.


I set out along the top of the Croix Rousse and then dropped down a staircase towards the river. I was being careful with my foot going down the stairs and I was a little worried that I was feeling some pain there, but I think concentrating on it was probably helping to bring it on so I was happy when things flattened out at the bottom and I could find a rhythm.

Heading upriver, I crossed the footbridge to the Cite Internationale and then dropped down onto the trail towards the Parc de la Feyssine. This park is quickly becoming my go-to place for short runs as it is close to home, usually empty of runners, and a nice mix of wide and narrow trails, paved and singletrack trails, and a little bit of mud, too, to keep things interesting. What’s more, at this time in the evening the park is alive with wildlife. I was spotting the white cottontails of the rabbits crisscrossing the trail from the moment I entered until I left.

I made a clockwise tour of the park before heading back towards town along the river. At the Point de Lattre I pulled up to the road, then made the u-turn to pass over the bridge, make my way up the Pentes, and click stop on the Garmin as the eleven kilometer mark ticked over.

My foot didn’t fell all that bad in the end and I think it will be fine for Saturday’s run. Now I just have to plan a route…

Distance: 11km

Elevation: 73m

Time: 57:20


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