I slept in this morning having decided to get my run in at lunch time instead. All up, I think I appreciated the extra hour in bed as my run today was super smooth, felt easy, and didn’t stress me at all. Maybe I have to look into this ‘sleep’ thing…

I started out from work without a real plan and only a goal of about 10 kilometers for the session. Lunch time means fitting in getting changed, running, showering, getting changed again, and then trying to fit in shopping, eating, and this blog post all in about two hours maximum. Sure, that’s a lot more than a lot of US firms would offer in terms of a lunch break, but then I am getting in early and staying late, too.

Anyway, I headed down the pathway to the Halle Tony Garnier, turned left for the river, and then crossed over to the Confluence Museum. Instead of heading down the Cours Charlemagne, I ran all the way down to the confluence point of the Rhone and Saone rivers, and then turned back along the left bank of the Saone heading for the Confluence district. The riverside running was easy and I was listening to the delightful Cabin Pressure series on my iPod to pass the time.

Getting to the mall, I looped around the marina, then continued back along the Saone until i got to Perrache where I crossed over the Place Carnot, crossed the Rhone, and then dropped onto the berges headed back towards work. There were plenty of other runners here, many of them (I suspect) preparing for the Run in Lyon event coming up in less than two months now. Of course, I have my own challenge to complete in Switzerland before then, but its nice to see others out on the paths at lunch.

Back at the Pont Raymond Barre, I pulled up to road level again, ran past the Halle Tony Garnier, and then looped around to Ninkasi before being back to click stop on the Garmin as the 10K mark rolled around just in front of work. My split times? Damn good, actually: an average pace of 4:37 and nothing slower than a 4:51. That’s pretty fast for me and a testament to the sleep, I think.

Maybe I’ll sleep in again tomorrow, too.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 31m

Time: 46:17


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