I didn’t feel bad at all after yesterday’s admittedly very short run with Jamie. What’s more, I spent a lot of time on my feet yesterday as I chased Jamie around the mall, did some grocery shopping, and explored the city a little. The leg didn’t complain once and I’m hopeful that the slowly-does-it reintegration of running into my routine will see the pain stay away.

But just in case it needs an extra push, now I have something else in my arsenal.

I mentioned the injury to a former colleague who is currently in Taipei running up a storm on the treadmill as he travels the world. He recommended compression gear, something I had read about everywhere but which I still had not pulled the trigger on. Those who wore the compression gear on their calves – either as socks or as, well, ‘sleeves’ that slipped over their calves – seemed to swear by them for recovery and injury prevention. Those who didn’t cited the fact that there didn’t seem to be any scientific evidence supporting compression technology when it came to running, and suggested it was something akin to snake oil. Still, my buddy was raving about it and knowing he has had some pretty consistent injuries in the past – all of which he says are now a thing of the past – I thought I would give them a go.

I headed up to Decathlon with Jamie and picked myself up a pair of Kanergy compression sleeves yesterday afternoon. They weren’t overly expensive at €19.99 for the pair, and while there were full compression socks there I decided that the sleeves were a better choice. As Cécile said, the socks you can wear once before washing, but you might get two wears out of the sleeves before they needed to be cleaned. As long as they did the same job, the sleeves seemed to be the more practical option.

I tried them on in the apartment on returning home and, boy, are they tight. Claims as to compression are proven correct right out of the box, and my legs felt fine in them. As for whether they’ll work when running, I think I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to test them out, but first impressions seem positive. Here’s hoping they help keep the pain away as I get back into things.

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