After running into work yesterday with a long loop of about nine kilometers, I took it a little easier this morning with a goal of tracing out a five kilometer route into the office. I came pretty close to nailing the five kilometers exactly which I think is a testament to my increasing knowledge of the city and the routes through it.

Arriving at the office right on schedule, I was happy with this second day of run commuting though – if the weather forecast is any guide – tomorrow is going to be less enjoyable with rain on the agenda.


Leaving home I dropped down towards the Saone through the Place Croix Pacquet, and then I ducked under the Croix Rousse tunnel and headed in the direction of the Parc de la Tete D’Or. I ran on the trail next to the river which, surprisingly, was rather well lit before doubling back to cross the Rhone and run near the park.

Instead of ducking inside I stayed on the wide footpaths outside the park and traced the edge of the Tete D’Or that was already bustling with runners. I turned towards Part Dieu with an eye on my watch to see if I would arrive at work having knocked over the five kilometer goal. When the four kilometer mark ticked over within sight of the train station I knew I would be cutting it short, so I took a left into Villeurbanne and ran a loop around the LIDL supermarket where I usually get lunch.

My end-of-run adjustment did the trick and I closed out my commute a touch over the five kilometer mark. It’s still not the most direct route but it is also not so long that I’ll be arriving tired.

And it also has me thinking: how many different routes could I run to work before running the same one twice?

Distance: 5.3km

Elevation: 14m

Time: 26:22


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