I had got close to hitting my mileage goal for the week yesterday but wasn’t quite there – I need to find another six kilometers. In the broader scheme of things these last few kilometers wouldn’t count for very much. Certainly, in the scope of the 1000km or so that will be part of this training block up to the Thames Path run in a couple of weeks, six kilometers is barely anything. On the other hand, setting a goal each week and hitting it has been a staple of my preparation for ultras and, barring injury, I like to hit the mileage targets so as to keep my confidence level high and the time-on-my-feet up, too.

Normally I would try and get a couple of longer runs in on the weekend but, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times this week, I’m looking after Jamie alone this weekend which means that I won’t be going anywhere without him. Oh, sire, there’s a chance I’ll convince him to head out for a short one or two kilometer run for fun, but planning to get more than that in with him is probably too optimistic. Anyway, it’s going to be far more fun to spend the weekend with him and not have to think about getting in a couple of final kilometers on our ‘boys weekend’.

Hence, this morning I headed out for a short, six kilometer run with no larger ambition than to get those kilometers in and not get injured doing so. As a bonus, I told myself I would work on my cadence and form, trying to hover aroundĀ that magical 180 steps per minute and landing smoothly.


I knew that I could run an easy loop down to Confluence and then back to get the distance in and, coupled with the barely trafficked path next to the Soane in the early morning, I went for it. I didn’t see anyone by the river as I went down towards Confluence, though by the time I arrived at the marina there were some people getting the day started. I startled one woman who didn’t hear my approaching footsteps until I was a couple of meters away and I raised a hand in apology for scaring the life out of her.

Coming back I moved up from the path to the center of the Presque Isle and the Place Carnot. From here it is a straight shot down the Rue Victor Hugo to Bellecour, and then just a short hop over the Place to Jacobins where I could stop my watch. My form, as far as I could tell, was pretty good and my cadence (179 steps per minute) almost perfect.

And so another week of training is in the bag. Next week should see me run about the same distance, though spaced over seven days instead of five days, and then it is taper time for real before the run on the Thames Path. Things are starting to get real and I can hardly wait!

Distance: 6.2km

Elevation: 32m

Time: 32:00


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