Second run of the week and an outing with the Lyon Running Club. A nice, gentle eight to ten kilometers in the city under lights – perfect, right? Well, any normal Wednesday night run is something like that but tonight  was a little different.

It was announced that the run would be between two ‘checkpoints’: one in the Parc Blandon and the other at a well-known mural at the base of the Pentes. There was no set route to get to either checkpoint but the rule was that we would all wait at the first checkpoint to regroup before setting off for the second one. We’d regroup there again and then head for Celestins.

I called it the Choose Your Own Adventure run – and choose my own adventure I did!


The run to the first checkpoint was easy enough. Though I didn’t really know the way, I followed along and made it there in the second group – the first group was only about thirty seconds ahead of us having lucked out on a traffic signal. We regrouped, took a photo, and then started out for checkpoint two.

Now this second checkpoint, well, I knew where it was. Thus, when I took a path that it seemed no one else took, I wasn’t too worried about getting lost. As it happened, I took a rather large detour leaving the park and then got back on track and headed for the river. Finding the river, I tracked along the road until finally I dropped down onto the berges and kept up a nice rhythm. I kept my pace up along the berges and – after Monday’s super-high heart rate effort – kept an eye on my watch to make sure I wasn’t about to explode. Tonight, perhaps thanks to the dinner I ate an hour before leaving, seemed to be a little easier on my heart: it was beating fast but I was dropping some pretty quick kilometer splits:

  • Kilometer 5: 4:41
  • Kilometer 6: 4:41
  • Kilometer 7: 4:33
  • Kilometer 8: 4:38
  • Kilometer 9: 4:30

That’s a 23:03 5K and my best ever is a 22:01 – not bad for a mid-run split when I wasn’t even really going for it, right?

Anyway, I eventually made it to the mural and there was only a small group of runners there of the 40-odd who had started the run. They hadn’t been there that long but they had run about 1200m less than I had. I wasn’t worried about that, though, as I felt the workout I had got running those five kilometers alone at a nice, fast tempo was worth taking the long way.

After regrouping for another photo after the rest of the groups came in, we headed for Celestins again and closed out the run. I did enjoy it, I must say, but it also meant that my group run turned into a half-group run, half-time trial effort. Even with the strong tempo effort, however, my heart rate was far better than Monday:


Yes, there is a lot of time in the threshold/anaerobic zone but that’s what I would have expected with that mid-run 5K. Compared to Monday where, at a 5:20 pace, I was in Zone 4 and Zone 5 for 91% of the time, and this was a far more relaxed run.

We’ll see what happens next week when I make my last run before the 100km de la Somme.

Distance: 10.1km

Time: 52:34

Elevation: 25m


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