I ended up spending far more time on my feet yesterday than I originally had planned. Sometimes the weekend days get away from you and the combination of shopping for food, household chores, some clothes shopping with Cécile, and wandering around the Presque Isle made for one of the most active days of this generally inactive week. Worse still, as the cold front has descended upon Lyon bringing with it snow and frozen air, I wore boots to keep myself warm which – as it turned out – was about the worst thing I could have done for my right leg. Live and learn, right?

Still, all of that getting done Saturday means Sunday can be a day for relaxing and resting the leg a little more. The only real tasks for the day today are a visit to a museum to collect an annual pass for Cécile and some computer related stuff, mostly downloading things from Dropbox to store on a local hard drive.

It’s also a day where I’ll get things ready for the week food-wise. After a week of frozen lunches at work last week, I wanted to go with some real food this week. And so today I will be making chilli – hearty, hot, and spicy chilli – and portioning it out for the work week ahead.

My chilli recipe is personal but inspired by a few different things I’ve seen online before. It’s not a vegetarian chilli – the base is some nice minced beef – but there are plenty of veggies in there, too. Tomatoes, three different types of capsicum, kidney beans, onion and corn all make an appearance. I also picked up some spicy hot peppers at the supermarket yesterday to give the chilli an extra kick – I’m hoping it pays off.

Cooking it is perhaps the easiest part. Brown off the beef, drain most of the fat, then throw everything in the slow cooker for six to eight hours. Assuming I get the preparation done this morning, I’ll be able to portion things out this afternoon and be all set for the work week before dinner time.

Now if only fixing my leg was that easy…

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