I’m not chasing a goal race anymore this season and with only a couple of weeks to go before the new year I am not pushing myself to do anything too hard. It’s the off season, after all, and while I am keen to keep getting the miles in for next season, I am leaving speed work, uncomfortable hill work, and intervals for January and beyond.

Still, I do have a goal for the end of the year and it’s one that I set at the start of the year: 3000km.

It didn’t seem all that ambitious in the first few months of the year but now – having got through periods of injury, a number of taper weeks, and life getting in the way from time to time – I’m left chasing the last couple of hundred kilometers in just the last couple of weeks of the year. Before today’s run I needed 263km in about 20 days to make it, an average of  just over 13km a day.

Possible? I think so, though this is the Christmas period…


Rushing home from work to get a run in before meeting Cécile for her C25K effort at 6:15pm, I headed straight down the Saone towards the Isle Barbe. It was hard going and the combination of tired legs and cold wind didn’t make it any easier on me. I figured I would have time to get in an 11km or 12km run before being back upstairs at the apartment to meet Cécile and, in the end, that’s exactly what I managed: 11km and 56 minutes on my feet.

Back home I made the error of not adding a layer of clothing before heading out to run the extra half hour with Cécile and, when we turned into the wind later, my fingers and chest started paying the price.


We headed out across the Rhone and dropped onto the berges for the W2D3 program. It consisted of a five minute brisk walk to warm up and then six sets of 90 seconds running and 2 minutes walking. Cécile was doing far better than just a week ago and was even talking while she was running, a good sign that she has the pacing right. I was a little too cold for comfort but we managed to close it out nicely and I think she is really progressing – very proud.

Distance: 14km (11km + 3km)

Elevation: 30m (16m + 14m)

Time: 1:27:19 (56:47 + 30:32)

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