It’s a little bit of a disjointed day in the office today with a half day to work, then a couple of hours off, then back into a remote workshop that will last most of the evening – so goes the working day when half the company is based on the US west coast and the other half in Western Europe.

I wanted to get in a nice run in the morning and then perhaps plan for a more gentle hour or so in the afternoon to relax before the evening meeting. I wasn’t looking to do anything too steep like I did yesterday morning, nor did I want to set any records heading up or down hills. That said, there’s nothing like a steady uphill to get the heart pumping in the morning and nothing quite like a runnable downhill to turn the legs over a little quicker, too. Hence, I decided to head up to Champagne-au-Mont D’Or and take on the steady climb of the D306.

Starting out I could get warmed up along the Saone for a couple of kilometers, then weave my way through Valmy and Vaise until I reached the bottom of the climb at about kilometer four. From there it’s a steady 4 to 5% grade all the way through to the village of Champagne at about kilometer six, and then the turnaround point at the roundabout with the McDonald’s that is decidedly outside of the No Sugar No Grain (NSNG) regime.

As it turned out, without pushing all that hard I still managed a nice time up the hill to Champagne. The last time I ran this climb was back in the first week of NSNG during my 100 mile week, and that time I managed a 8:00 time for the ascent. I’d previously run a 7:47 which was not at all bad back in the middle of August 2016, and this morning I managed a 7:34 for a personal best without really setting out to do it. I’m coming into form!

Around the roundabout and then straight back the way I came. The downhill gave me a chance to get the heart rate back down and I concentrated on keeping my cadence up, my form efficient, and enjoying the drop back down to Vaise. The 10K point rolled by near the bottom of the descent and then it was across the bridge, drop down onto the path next to the Saone, and head for home.

Another nice morning run and another day begun in a wonderful way. Now to shower, pound down a cup of coffee, and then get off for a relatively short first half of the day in the office…before the longer half later tonight.

Distance: 15km

Elevation: 159m

Time: 1:18:12


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